I designed this website to be an online distance learning (OLDL) experience for aspiring entrepreneurs, who like many entrepreneurs became disillusioned with their present career most probably tied to employment by others and out of their own control.

This website follows the content of my book, which I hope you have already purchased or will order my book from this website, whether you take the course or not (www.xlibris.com/rjmitchellette).

I describe this website as an “VIRTUAL CLASSROOM” site to match the bricks and mortar (B & M) facilities that are available in most major cities. Perhaps you are asking yourself-what is an “VIRTUAL CLASSROOM” as it relates to learning for an aspiring entrepreneur? The answer is; it is a learning and networking center for entrepreneurs to join an organization where they will meet and inter-act with start-ups as well as established entrepreneurs and other individuals with related disciplines; such as, finance and accounting, marketing, capital formation, business plan specialist and administrative and organizational experts-usually all in one area-under one roof-on a daily basis and/or at pre-arranged times.

The “VIRTUAL CLASSROOM” concept has been around for decades and has significantly been an aid to literally thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. So, I decided, having participated and even assisted in an virtual classroom start-up, to combine my online distance learning skills with my past virtual classroom experience to create this website using my book on Entrepreneurship as the platform and the fuel, my 40 years of on-the-job entrepreneurial, corporate executive and educator training (re: about me tab) to launch both venues simultaneously (the book & this site).

This site is then a reproduction, like most learning websites, of the “B & M” classrooms and training facilities of universities and institutions throughout the global community without the necessity of ever having to leave the comfort of your home or favorite place from which to work and yes, even play.

I truly believe in “OLDL” as the new learning medium and pioneered this approach to learning back in 1995, when most university presidents and their respective deans thought that this medium was tantamount to academic treason, at the University of California-Berkeley/Extension. I was convinced then as I am now that “OLDL” will not only continue to grow as a cost effective learning tool, but also, will begin to replace “B & M” classrooms as the cost of maintaining, including professor salaries et al are rising beyond university enrollment revenue commensurate with declining donations, especially in this economy.

We are witnessing an economic metamorphosis not matched since the depression with a 1.9 trillion dollar bailout, and growing, stimulus package and a ten trillion dollar national debt combined with a trillion dollar budget deficit and an energy and health insurance crisis that should cause most rationale people to pursue my mantra suggested in my book to RETHINK, RETOOL and REENGINEER their life before it is too late.

This is the reason I chose to teach the contents of my book on this site as an extension of the book, providing expanded information and insights into the entrepreneurial process. Therefore, it is my self-appointed mission to share the “good, bad & ugly” of my personal experiences translated into the “Do’s & Don’ts” of entrepreneurship with you, the learner, to make your entrepreneurial journey as painless as possible and improve your chances of success as I have met and/or consulted literally hundreds of entrepreneurs, who turned their dreams into restaurants, coffee shops, services, food products, machine shops, retail stores, technology enterprises and manufacturing operations; some of these entrepreneurs stayed small at their own choosing and others grew larger, including mergers and acquisitions and in some cases were acquired or sold.

Most of these entrepreneurs had previous jobs before they decided to create and control their own destiny. Many of these entrepreneurs were faced with a defining moment, an “epiphany” in the course of their personal journey; it may have been a job firing or a passing-up of a promotion or a divorce or an earnings sharing debate between spouses; nevertheless, most of these folks were able to make the jump to their new life and you can too!

The ideal program to get the most from this site is to order my book and read it. Then enroll in the online course provided herein. You will be called a “learner” if you enroll and I will be your instructor throughout the course. I will also be your advisor on matters related to the coursework and my consulting services will be available if you decide to turn your vision into reality.

I will close this page with a very applicable quote from Vince Lombardi.






The “Tabs” will walk you through the details and descriptions of the complete program.